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. >>> also, the humanitarian side of the military. why local officials climbed onboard a navy ship today. >>> later, helping victims of >>> later, helping victims of domestic vi did you know dentures are ten times softer than natural teeth and can be easily scratched? they may also have surface pores, where odor-causing bacteria can grow. that's why dentures require special care. make polident® part of your daily routine. polident's unique microclean formula cleanses gently. it releases antimicrobial agents, including active oxygen, to kill ninety-nine-point-nine percent of odor causing bacteria and reduce plaque. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture, use polident® everyday. this has been medifacts for polident®. >>> look up in the skies this afternoon over the bay and you might spot the blue angels. this is a live picture of the amphibious assault ship docked along the embarcadero in san francisco where the mayor officially welcomed the navy's arrival where amy hollyfield joins us live. >> reporter: good morning. fleet week is about the blue angels, let's be honest the highlight.
. >> tourists and locals are preparing for flooding and power outages. in new york city waves are splashing over the sea walls. here's t.j. winick live. >> reporter: good afternoon whether here on the southern tip of new jersey or 150 miles north up in new york city, we are expect to see water rise from 6 to 11 feet. it could have a devastating impact on the east coast. forcasters predict this could be the worst storm in two generations. hurricane sandy is strengthening and heading north. with 50 million in its path. the eye is expect to make landfall late monday night in atlantic city, new jersey but will.i.am pack communites hundreds of miles away. >>> -- >> -- >> this is going to be a big storm, a difficult storm the great thing about america is we all pull together. >> reporter: the real fear is sandy's stor surge, fueled by high winds and a full moon. >> we are talking the ocean coming in causing massive flooding. >> reporter: already a spectacle early monday in cape may, the angry atlantic is the real fear for locals like tom. >> i think it is mostly water. >> reporter: seen in satellite i
additional service. we all have this at abc7news.com. >> dan: a local school could have lost a teacher to budget cuts. >> carolyn: michael finney is here to telling you about pro-active parents. >> parents at sunny side elementary were not about to take it lying down so they turned to the internet. up next, she helped save a teachers job and you can too at your school. >> dan: facebook employees deny why dozens of instant millionaires will have to wait for their big how far will people go to relieve their sore throat? try these. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. not just a sensation, sensational relief. with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter what? too? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier sure does who are
rain. local. we have the forecast. >> it's local indeed. i'll just put it to you this way. i wouldn't wash the car the next couple of days because we have a possibility of some showers moving in. live doppler 7 hd are the now. watching the moisture hear. just off the coast line here. it's still well off the coast but there has been at least one lightening strike arnd west of half man bay. so we are watching it for you carefully in case anything develops. temperatures writ now in the 50's and even few 60's showing up. here is the forecast we look at partly cloudy skies overnight. isolated showers are possible tomorrow with showers mainly in the south bay as we head into wednesday. very scattered in nature. now tomorrow morning when you head out the door make sure you bundle up. expecting some cool conditions. north bay valley low to upper 40's. even some upper 40's morgan hill santa cruz we look at temperatures in the 50's across the rest of the bay area. certainly starting out on a cool note so you need a swaert or jacket. this is bringing cooler than normal condition.
the seahawks fans are gearing up. local performers warming up along with kira klapper who joins us live from candlestick park. >> reporter: it is still early about six hours unlt there is pf excitement going on to be had on and off the field. joe sets up herv campsite as she has since 1987. >> well, i met my husnd in 1960, so that's when i became a 9ers fa husband drive two hours from merced county for this and turn it into a three-day vacation after sunday's crushing loss to the giants they haven't given up hope they say losing is not an option they have their long running rituals. >> we always wear our 49 shirts and put up our decorations. >> reporter: other fans will be treated to the talents of locals. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: fremont native prepares for her first time singing the national anthem. >> it feels amazing. i love sports, i love the 9ers and i love to sing so it is a great way to marry all of those interests into one. >> reporter: the 9ers noise drum and horn line warms up to get the fans fired up. something tells me that won't take much. the good ws is the fun isn't over yet.
strike in the last few minutes and no doubt locally heavy downpour and drenching rainfall and line of showers locally heavy reaching from san francisco and northern part of the peninsula across the bay to the east bay weighs close in on concord, walnut creek, pleasant hill. you can see that there are pockets of downpour there as well so wet weather scattered all about the bay year and again pockets of this activity are heavy. locally heavy. we also see snow continuing to fall in the central sierra around south lake tahoe. to winter there traveling in that direction just may very well need some chains for your tires. back to the bay area right now. it's wet in some spots. relativelyÑi cool temperatures right now are in the 50's for the most part and these are our forecast feature. we'll 10 to see scattered showers tonight. isolated thunderstorms are possible. even likely and more showers likely to fall on tuesday and wednesday although generally widely scattered. satellite radar composite image shows the frontal system that swept through early today that brought this morni
problem with dense fog. here forecast animation and fog pushes locally across the bay. it will be especially dense up in the north bay valleys where maybe some commuting problems because of that reduced investigation built. low temperatures in the low 50s. mild overnight. here is satellite image showing high pressure holding out for one more day as the controlling feature in our weather picture but this cold front is bearing down on us. this is the system that will produce rain for wednesday evening. start our forecast animation again at 1:00 wednesday afternoon halloween, it will be cloudy later in the day. then it will early afternoon hours, rain developing in the north bay pushing down to sonoma county by 8:00 p.m. or so. then after that, cold front continues sweeping southeastward. rain will push to other parts of the area blanketing the bay area with rainfall into the morning rush on thursday. perhaps a bit slow on thursday morning. for tomorrow, sunny skies high temperatures, generally mild in the low to mid-70s around the bay and into the inland locations. mid t
area. mark tonight with the expensive local battle. >>reporter: studies have shown that drinking sugar sweeten drink is linked to the rising previous lens of obesity in children. so retired cardiologist jeff convinced majority of the fellow council members in richmond to put a measure on the november ballot that would tax soda and other sugar drinks using the money to make children healthy. >> for the 3 million we take in we can put in new soccer fiel fields. softball fields. we can teach our kids third graders how to swim and put nutrition teachers in the elementary school. >>reporter: he's convinced the tax will encourage parents to buy 100 percent just and other non-sugar drinks in place of soda. >> it really is parallel to big tobacco and to what we did with cigarettes. >>reporter: soft drink company and national theater chain have contributed more than two million dollars out spending supporters of the measure nearly 36 to 1 t.no on campaign is run out of the san francisco base political consulting firm but the face of the no campaign is richmond city councilman corky. >> tho
and show the locals and the citizens just what we do and what we are capable of. >> reporter:he helicoprs took the civilian medical passengers to fette dil field. the air and national guard pararescue unit. >> when we do water missions out at sea we push the boat out in front of us and follow it with parachutes. we inflate the boat and have a means to move around. >> reporter: fleet week continues throughout the weekend. heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. >>> that is impressive. >>> the man who famously punked celebrities got punkedded himself today. a hoax caused police to respond to the hollywood hills home of ashton kutcher. the fake 911 caller cimed th a home invasion with gun fire was unfolding. kutcher was not home at the time. he later tweeted a picture of himself saying he was safe and sound. police are still looking for the woman who made the phoney call. >>> pain killers from a predator. how one of the deadliest snakes on the planet could one dayve . on the planet could one dayve . [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on
:30 at least get up around 6 or 6:30. >> many people here walk to court have to take local transportation public transportation which is relatively in the general area but to go to martinez it is fundamentally impossible for me. >>reporter: police are worried about the court closure and whether much longer trip to martinez will affect cases involving troubled teens. >> might be more missed court date where if the court was here they would be more inclin to go to theourt date. the the fily courtrm in pittsrgh scheduled to close its doors at the end of month. court officials martinez never responded to our request for an interview. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> around the world news. riot police in greece stop shipyard workers demand to go meet with government officials not getting paid for months. demonstration and strike are common in greece as the government imposes strict austerity programs to deal with the financial crisis. >> in turkey police use tear gas on ti-w activt trying to march on e ofuildin oss borr raid intsyria were approved. it's in retaliation for mortar attack from syri
. troop 212 meets here at the red building and everyone who is affiliated with the local boy scouts of america has been issued a gag order which explains why no one has returned our calls. but scout executive did release a statement that said ryan does not meet scouting membership standard on sexual orientation. he became an eagle scout in 19 sfichlt he finds the boy scout policy disappointing. he knows ryan and his family. >> to not get it based on for look of better word a technicality. had nothing to do with his progress and path to get to this point? yes it's frustrating. >>reporter: ryan and family plan to tell the story on national television next week. this is abc 7 news. >>> archdiocese of san ancisco has new leader tonight. uneds catholi cao e him inslled at saint ry catdr tod. w bispollod tritio as h ented through the bronze door outside group of followers cheered but gay activist made themselves heard. he's a big opponent of same sex marriages. >> it's the family catholic church believes and marriage between one man and one woman. >> certainly has a right to say the
to acknowledge jobs' profound local impact. >>> union square's newest clothing store is open for business this morning. a japanese store offering apparel in a rainbow of colors it opened before 10:00 on powell street a block south of union square. the new store will have the so-called magic mirror it lows customers try on one jacket and electronically the color to see how it looks in another color. >> fascinating. >>> increasing clouds in the north bay. sunny out there in parts of the bay, as you look towards our high-definition emeryville camera you can see filtered sun. how that will impact the forecast today and the weekend. >>> san francisco's busiest weekend is officially underway. the music is playing in golden gate park, it is gre ron: years ago i made a promise to provide the best for my family, in sickness and in health. carol and i needed help figuring out what's covered by medicare and what's not. so we turned to the same folks we've relied on for health insurance all these years. announcer: ron and carol called anthem blue cross and found an affordable medicare plan that pays
. local average rose or fell by only a fraction of the cent overnight except santa cr where gass a pey high tha it s monday. >>> wl tere is n help for stgglinghomeowne in klandt ri o feclore. the citunveiled a new pl to rch out to at risk residents and provide them with homeowner and tenant counseling services as well as legal and financial help. oakland taking full advantage of the state bank settlement and new homeowner bill of rights act to prevent foclose across the city >> let blear. nt on do theoreclosureause devastating harm to the families who lose their homes, they also have been causing significant suffering throughout entire neighborhood neighborhoods. >> oakland has been particularly hard hit by the foreclosure crisis. city estimates 1 in 7 homeowner in oakland flat land received default noticeopen the mortgage inhe las5 yes. >>> eucatnnews. sools i marin county taking a difrent neapproach to stop bullying. today 4 schools kicked off the no one eats alone campaign to prevent social isolation that can be such a problem for youngsters at school. education reporter lee ann
. >> really? evaluate what you really need then go to the local retailer and demand they give it to you or buy it somewhere else. >>reporter: know when to shop. black friday and cybermonday not always the best time to find the lowest praises. according to consumer price research firm the best time to buy the hottest toy latest technology item is often in october l saving you money and time standing in long cold lines. lindsay davis abc news new york. >> and so it begins. well there is more to come tonight. just ahead. remarkable new medical break through. thanks to stem cell research paralysis to stem cell research paralysis patients are feeling sensat at the guaranteed lowest price.attresses plus, pay no interest for 3 years on the best brand-name mattress sets. get your best rest ever from sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's whe
francisco and san bruno and turn that's a local consumer group. they have been unable to reach an agreement on how much pg&e should pay for its negligence san bruno and whether stockholders or rate payers should foot the bill. turn raised an objection to mitchell selection in the role calling it a back room deal. and that everyone should have had a role in picking a mediator. >> well more to come tonight on busy evening. former oakland raider finds himself in court accused of murdering 4 men. we have more on that story coming up. >> plus the 49ers may moving to santa clara but san francisco will still get the glory. tonight the city submits a bid for the superbowl. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. are you ready for temperatures in the 90's again? you won't have long to wait. i'll show you where in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thanks spencer. >> also the new hoop palace in the works. still ahead the warriors show off their warriors show off their >> back to the braking news we started with at the top tonigh tonight. that ace real mess on 101 heading south out of san
. then at 4 the one small thing you can do everyday to help prevent cancer. and then at 5, local firefighters are doing more than just wearing pink for breast cancer awareness month. see what else they are doning to raise money those stories and more today at 4 and 5. >>> the vote is in, palin is out. >> on dancinging with the stars -- on dancing with the stars bristol palin was sent back to alaska. >> voters favred alley. >> eight couples go on the dance floor live next monday at 8:00 right here on abc7. >>> before we go, wayne freedman in st. louis for the game just tweeted a picture of lights going on getting dark because of the storm coming. >> i wouldn't doubt if it is rained out, we'll see. >> thanks for joining us. ron: years ago i made a promise to provide the best for my family, in sickness and in health. carol and i needed help figuring out what's covered by medicare and what's not. so we turned to the same folks we've relied on for health insurance all these years. announcer: ron and carol called anthem blue cross and found an affordable medicare plan that pays for some costs origi
. the series halfs back to san francisco. the giants' team leaves st. louis at 2:30 in the morning local time. from st. louis, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> and here is a look at the schedule for the giants. game 6 will be played at at&t park on sunday at 4:37. if there is a game 7, there will be a game 7, it will take place here on monday at 5:07. >> we are counting on it. >>> as baseball season nears an end, it looks like hockey will never begin. all games canceled through november 1st, and the likelihood of any season is shrinking fast. nick smith is live in san jose. no fun for the fans, obviously, and no business for merchants who depend on those hockey games. >> absolutely, dan. we are here on busy san pedro street, and it is always popular, but on game day, the bars and the restaurants are packed and over flowing with people who fill seats to watch the sharks play. if they don't play, then they don't have the business. business owners said they won't have the staff. there is a trickle down affect that will be felt by everyone. >> the shark tank is a great place to go. it is one of the
rainfall on highway 10 101. moving generally in our direction. could be local heavy downpour as the system takes shape and cover more parts of the bay area late tonight overnight hours. could even be some thunderstorms on the way but will this have any effect on game one of the world series tomorrow at at&t park. give you a look at that a little bit later. >> that's the question. thanks very much. >> there is excitement tonight among skiers, snowboarders and tahoe resorts after storm system dumped 30 inches of snow in parts of the sierra. we got the rain they got the snow. boreal ski resort hoping to open this friday. resort will make more snow overnight and decide tm whether it can in fact open so early. ski resorts see this early snow as sign of a good season ahead. >> earlier we get the snow the more excited peel get. they start buying the ski gear. start buying season passes. and just kind of ramp the season up a lot earlier. >> looking forward to better season this year because the early snow is helpful if it keeps up we'll be able to make up some ground that we di
it brings out bomb squads, bomb sniffing dogs and x-ray months from local, state and federal agencies. >> world series is big going to be alot of people here, different things happening want to make sure san francisco stays say >> reporter: before any truck can go to at&t park it has to pass through an x-ray machine this truck is carrying hot dogs, candy and other concessions for fans. >> we are going to run it through the trucks here do our scanner and see if there is any anomaly. >> reporter: officers are looking for problems, fans are looking for tickets. >> i dove up from l.a. last night -- i drove up from l.a. last night, slept in my truck, they said there was no tickets. >> reporter: he found a scalper and is hoping for the best. >> seemed honest enough. i don't know. i don't know what the frisco crowd is like. >> reporter: he paid $150 each for standing room only. for those who can't afford those prices there's this line they are hoping to watch three innings from the window in the outfield. they insist this is better than the view on tv. >> being here and hearing crowd, everyb
of the golden gate and push locally over the peninsula and into the santa cruz mountains and inland, there will be mainly clear skies and partly cloudy overnight. the lows will drop into the upper 30s in the north bay valleys, like napa with a low of 39. that will be the coldest part of the bay area tonight. other locations will see lows dropping into the low to mid 40s. so it will be chilly. and then tomorrow, we start to get milder weather. mainly sunny by afternoon. high temperatures will rise into the mid-60s. and upper 60s to near 70 around the bay and upper 60s to 70 in the warmest inland locations as well. we will see a similar range of highs in monterey bay. upper 60s to low 70s. tomorrow night, game 2 at at&t park, the world series, giants taking on the tigers, game time just after 5:00 p.m., it wl be mainly sunny as we start with the mild temperature of 62 degree, breezy but not cold and temperatures will drop to 56 later in the evening hours. the accu-weather seven-day forecast. look at the mild weekend, warm even. highs inland, upper 70s. highs around the bay, mid up tok
i was a little kid my brother and me would play baseball. since it is our local team we have become a fan. >> clarissa with her great work and her back dwrownd in softball and -- background in softball and in sports she would be a perfect person to enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity. >> her favorite player is buster posey. she is hoping she gets to meet him and score some autographs. she also gets to see the game. >> once i get up there i will probably feel the pressure of everyone watching me. it will be nerve-wracking. i will still go out there. >> clarissa hopes to become a computer engineer for google and a giants ticket holder. leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> what an experience. >> good for her. it will be fun to ouch what. >>> from baseball to skiing, you could be on the slopes this weekend. >> the mountain resorts have enough to open on friday. it will be the first to open this season. >> they got 30 inches this week and another 6 inches this morning. >> here is sandhya patel with the forecast. >> n early taste of winter there in the sierra nevada. let's look at live do
responded in a big way. posters went up. volunteers went door to door. police scoured local parks and shot public service announcement reenacting what happened using older brother as stand in. kevin left cy o basketball practice in the haight and waited for a bus at oak. last place ever seen. >> take each day at a time. some days are a little easier than others. some days are real hard. >>reporter: the days turn into week and month but kevin family continued to push. man ago 24 hour hotline out of their home. and pleading with the kidnapper directly on abc 7. >> kevin loves his family. we love him. please let him come home. >>reporter: when newsweek magazine put kevin on the cover the tips poured in. they all led nowhere. but san francisco police either missed or chose to ignore one significant lead. possible connection to serial killer john dougal. >> john was an evil evil man. >>reporter: district attorney steve gave the i team access to the case file. i spent a week combing 12 boxes of evidence police reports court transcripts audio and videotapes. in the town of belmont th
locally we have a few high clouds drifting by. that is about quite a bit of fog develop. reduced visibility around the golden gate bridge. keep that in mind for the early monday morning commute. 57 in san francisco. still mild inland with 57 degrees right now. clear skies but 56 in livermore and 56 in san jose. forecast, coast coastal clouds overnight. high clouds increase tomorrow. it will be sunny and mild. enjoy it because rain returns for halloween by late wednesday afternoon. high pressure protected this weekend bringing us plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the 70s and 80s and it's going to start to relax a little bit. weak front tomorrow will allow high clouds to venture in and hazy sunshine. this will be the cold front that brings us the showers. here is a look at forecast, tuesday, we are dry and clouds will increase, by wednesday, that cold front starts to sag south. this is 5:00 wednesday afternoon you'll see when the trick or treaters start to go out. rain will pick up and spread from north bay to south bay wednesday night into material morning. >> mid to upper 40s i
" michael finney has the story of an amazing comeback. local baseball players who @ joey, dinner!!!!! alllllriggghtttt! joey junior!! alllllriggghtttt! that's what you're wearing! what? thank you jack for bringing the cheesesteaks. well i just want to know what my favorite philly cousins think about my new- sourdough cheesesteak melt. i took all the best parts, thinly sliced steak, melty cheese, onions and peppers but i put it on warm, toasty sourdough. fan-cy. sourdough is my thg. i'm sting ur cps, the cheeseeak's good. say it. you're better at hockey. ♪ [ male announcer ] the first look...is only the beginning. ♪ ♪ introducing a stunning work of technology. ♪ introducing the entirely new lexus es. and e first ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> dan: we've heard so much about the little league team from petaluma. fantastic story but what you may not know there is another boy's team that made it to its own world series. its team that overcame great diversity >> reporter: it was heartache in mudville the last time we visited san jose's am. hundreds of kid
to come. at we continue, a major salvage operation to save a multimillion dollar yacht. a local racing team's chances of winning america's cup now. a city that could use more parking is in fact about to get less. the plan to help bicyclists get through san francisco. surprising findings a don't miss your chance to get sleep train's very best mattresses at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for 3 years on the best brand-name mattress sets. but hurry! the best rest event ends soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> dan: we want to update you on the top story. people from monterey to mendocino counties and stockton have reported seeing a bright object streaking across the sky. scientists are trying to pin down what it was exactly. if you happen to catch a picture what it was, please send it t ureport@kgo otv.com. >> it is a major setback for the champions. >> a yacht capsized on the bay yesterday afternoon. new video of what happened. >> new video shows what happened in those frightful moments when the 72 foot catamaran thrusted the crew 60 fe
you on public transportation. pretty easy. >> still ahead tonight. local research group discover new way for women to block the aids virus. virus. >> haetdz up about sock around the house. costco stores emptying their shelves of smoked salmon tainted with salmonella bacteria. salmon sicken hundreds of people in the netherlands. here in the united states salmon is sold at costco warehouse stores uer the kirkland store bra me anthis name. costco pulled th product fm its shelves after beinnotified. store says they have no independent problem. people from the mevr lands got sick. u.s. federal health officials say they are only in the preliminary stage of the investigation. >>> well bay area researchers are launching a prom equity that could ultimately save literally millns of women from being infected with the aids virus and delivery system puts the technology of the winds carolyn has the story. >> estimated 3000 women around the world are infected with hive every day. majority of those cases are in subject is a har app africa. now her team from memorandum lo park develop agile
robbers fled and ended up at local hospital. one of the teenagers died. the other is in critical condition. police are describing the man who fired the shots as a good samaritan. and the city mayor says that phrase is appropriat appropriate. >> technically i think it's a good choice of word. describes exactly what happened. somebody chose to get involved. >>reporter: one of the women held up and didn't want to appear on camp are told me she was terrified when the robbers pointed a gun at her. loyal customers say the man who thwarted the initial crime did the right thing of. >> he did have a way to protect himself he felt that people were threat end and he needed to take matters into his own hand and so he did a good thing i think. >>reporter: police have lacked at surveillance video of the incident. investigators say the shooting appears justified and message to criminals is clear. >> there are consequences to our actions and sadly does sometimes end in death. >>reporter: the entire case will be reviewed by the district attorney. in is a leap as, abc 7 news. >> man in so
higher wages give workers more spending power that give local businesses help. >> they have to decide is what best for them and the wkers. go t te ball of urse o noveer 6. i sanose, david lou c 7 ws >> cle up coinues in oakland afte last nht destctive anti-war rally. hundreds of plo testtors march through downtown oakland breaking window and throwing paint on buildings. glass doors at city hall smashed. look at the mess. window also breaken at oakland police recruiting office. oakland tribune. and several banks. no one was arrested for the vandalism. >>> well, the oakland a mean time had off day today before they return in front of home crowd tomorrow. it is a must win game to stay in the play offs but the fan fare didn't stop tonight. >> let's go oakland. >>reporter: die hard fans held rally in front of city hall to cheer on green and gold. a's are down 2 games and trying to avoid being swept by the tigers in the best of 5 division series. >> i have tickets up to the world series. i am that confident.him if money ballll 2. thisime we win the last game. >>reporter: don't y
and possibly some locally heavy downpours although all of the reports we are getting of rain from various locations indicate just light showers and sprinkles but here in the area near vallejo it looks like something a little more than light sprinkles. appears to be at least some moderate rainfall in the area. concord reporting light rain right now as well. right now 56 degrees in san francisco. 58 across the bay in oaklandth0 at fairfield. the forecast features are these we will continue with a possibility of scattered showers overnight. a few sprinkles also possible. i mean sprinkles. tomorrow into saturday morning and then with the dryer weather we have a warmer pattern that will develop beginning on sunday and going warm back up to summer like levels actually. low temperatures generally in the low 50s up in the north bay valley a little cooler with hoes dropping into the upper 40s. satellite radar composite shows the upper level low that contributed to all this unusual continued to drop southward just off shore. continue southeastward and eastward into southern california pushing in to
. local state federal officials were on hand today to announce 9 42 million dollars in federal grant money for the new subway. project leaders say the money finally secures full funding for the project construction. subway will extend muni underground service 1.6 miles and connect south of market area with china town. opponent say the project is just too expensive and it violates the city charter. >>> well winter has officially reached mammouth mountain in northern california. look what we have here. look at that. snow showers in the area through the morning today. now if this keeps up it should be a good ski season. ski resorts open in less than a month. which is hard to pwlichlt it is hard to believe. >> spencer here with the forecast. >> yes. that snow triggered by the upper level low that triggered our whacky weather in the bay area. talked about it last night. snow on the ground. how about this. live view from the high definition roof top camera coyote tower displaying the giant color on their way to the national league championship series. let's look at live doppler 7 hd.
in from the coast across the bay locally across the bay. not all i know land area saw the clouds rolling and tomorrow we see the clouds back away. sunny day most part and mild tomorrow with high pressure ranging from 70 at san francisco to 72 across the bay. low 70's around the bay. mid upper 70's inland antioch livermore fairfield and inland east bay santa rosa napa inland north bay up in the mid 70's there. and on we go to the big game. it will be at memorial stadium in berkeley tomorrow. stanford versus cal. kick off time noo noon. sunny with temperature 65 degrees going up rise to go 70 degrees before the afternoon is over. accu-weather 7 day forecast. cool down on sunday. cloud thicken. rain arrives subpoenaed night. rain continues into monday. few showers tuesday slight chance of rain on wednesday. looks like our rany weather pattern is here. >> we knew it would arrive eventually. >> indeed. >> thanks very much. now to big new trend on television. reality show that go red neck. outrageous antic of the stars exploding in popularity. and raking in big ratings all over c
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